Suite NEXT - The digital re-evolution of the legal department



Thanks to digital transformation, legal departments can embrace change by generating a tangible impact on results by improving their impact, making processes more efficient and reducing risks.

The change is also taking place for all processes related to the legal and compliance activities of companies and the Public Administration.

Digital transformation is a process that brings tangible benefits, first of all in terms of increasing the incisiveness of the legal function and greater governance and risk control non-compliance, as well as growth of the role of the professionals involved.

download: SUITE NEXT – Information Brochure

Some features:

  • Management and approval of legal assignments (internal and external)
  • Management of beauty contest tools
  • Enrollment of lawyers
  • Management of contracts
  • Management of opinions
  • Passive cycle management
  • Litigation, Out-of-court and document management activities
  • Risk fund management
  • Native business intelligence functionality
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  • Anti-money laundering and governance of Compliance

N.B .: the cost is annual per single user


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