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20 April 2021

Law obligations of transparency for public disbursements

Disclosure requirements for public funding: state aid and de minimis aid received by our company are contained in the national register of state aid pursuant to art. 52 of Law 234/2012

What we do

Tiware Srl deals with software development, assistance and services to companies. We provide companies with customized and made-to-measure work tools. We also provide extensive technical support on site and online, taking advantage of the decades of experience of our technicians.

Software Developement

Ad hoc "turnkey" software solutions


On-site technical assistance interventions, with specialized professionals

IT Management

Advanced services for companies

Progetto IBI (Indumenti Biomedici Intelligenti) - TSSkin (The Second Skin)

Soggetti Attuatori: ATI IBI – TSSKIN: TWR=34%; NIT=33%; GAM=33%

“Avviso pubblico per il sostegno alle MPMI campane nella realizzazione di progetti di trasferimento tecnologico e industrializzazione POR CAMPANIA FESR 2014- 2020 Asse Prioritario 3 – Competitività del sistema produttivo Obiettivo Specifico 3.1 Rilancio della propensione agli investimenti del sistema produttivo Azione 3.1.1 Aiuti per gli investimenti in macchinari, impianti e beni intangibili e accompagnamento dei processi di riorganizzazione e ristrutturazione aziendale” per l’importo di euro CUP: B87H22002800007, SURF: 22012BP000000143, CAR-RNA: 22190


Scalable technology

Thanks to the experience we have acquired in the field of designing customized software solutions and system integration, we are able to respond effectively to a wide range of customer needs. We can manage the entire life cycle of a software system (from idea to production release) and we follow customers in all stages of the process.


Our products are developed to ensure maximum safety and the highest degree of reliability and efficiency. The data will be protected and securely stored in compliance with the new European regulations.


All of our software is highly performing, fast and lean, to allow the user to take advantage of products that are easy to use and at the same time powerful and effective